He traveled down to South America because he wanted two things. Extreme drug use and extreme sex.

It all started a few years ago.

This A list mostly television actor who has been A+ list in television and even A list in movies was out of the country.

He traveled down to South America because he wanted two things.

Extreme drug use and extreme sex.

He got both.

Apparently though his notoriously bad temper came out and what was supposed to be rough sex turned into our actor killing a hooker. It happened in a sex club.

According to the owner of the club it is not the first time a woman has been killed in the club and it has happened a few times since.

Within 24 hours after it happened our actor reached a settlement with the owner of the establishment for his loss of income and to make sure our actor had no issues with the woman’s family or the police.

A wire transfer was sent and our actor was allowed to leave the country.

He was on his jet within an hour of the money landing in the owner’s account.

Fast forward a year.

Our actor has forgotten about the incident and apparently everything was handled to the point where our actor starts to breathe easy.

At that point he gets some disturbing news.

The owner of the club was killed in a drug deal gone bad and now people start getting hazy memories about whether the actor paid and whether the police were called.

Everyone wants more money. The last amount was in the very low seven figures.

Someone said $2M.

At this point the new owner of the club and the alleged family of the victim each are demanding a similar amount to stay quiet.

Apparently our actor is on a video recording in the office of the club describing how the death happened and there is also video of the actor and the woman in the room where it happened but the actual death can’t be seen because of the camera angles.

The actor has the money to pay, but wonders how long the shakedowns will keep occurring.

For the past year there was one payment in the mid-six figures as a sign of good faith and there has been a monthly private jet flight between LAX and the city in question as an attorney for the actor and the club and alleged family negotiate a settlement.

Charlie Sheen

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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