He traded on their family name for years.

If you are wondering why only half of this celebrity couple attended a recent extravagant wedding, we have the answer!

It turns out that the bride’s family is furious with the husband of the reality couple!

Here’s why: The bride’s family hired the husband when he was a nobody, taught him the business from the ground up, and made him rich over the course of nearly a decade.

He traded on their family name for years. The thanks they got?

As soon as his wife became a reality star, he ditched their company to become their direct competitor… and is constantly trying to steal clients and key employees away from them!

While the wife tries to portray her marriage as perfect and her husband as a great guy, the rest of the family thinks he is a total slime ball.

That’s the real reason the two sides of the family are so mad at each other, and the reason that the husband was not invited to the wedding.

Source: http://blindgossip.com

Kyle Richards
Husband: Mauricio Umansky

Event: Nicky Hilton’s wedding

“As for why the Hiltons aren’t too keen on Mauricio these days, confidantes allege Kathy’s husband Richard Hilton experienced an incident of betrayal with the reality star. After Richard taught Umansky the ins and out of the real estate business, the Beverly Hills resident started his own company and even poached clients to get ahead.”

Do you believe it?

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