He spent over $1 million on failed fertility treatments

Which millionaire hip hop mogul is so desperate to impregnate his wannabe starlet girlfriend that he reportedly spent over $1 million on failed fertility treatments?

A source deep within the mogul’s camp told Sandrarose.com exclusively that the mogul has traveled the world in search of miracle treatments to reverse his longtime girlfriend’s humiliating fertility issues.

The rap magnate even considered commissioning a surrogate, a’la Beyonce and Jay Z. One failed fertility treatment put the ex-singer on bedrest for a few days.

When the socialite learned that a concerned blogger was asking around about the true nature of her ailment, she reacted atypically with a profanity-laced social media post directed at the blogger — who, as I said, was only showing concern for the studio singer.

The other baby mamas in his camp are not at all intimidated by the wannabe singer’s beauty and youth because she can’t breed — and they all have children by him.

When the mogul splurges on lavish girls-only holiday vacations for his baby mamas, the singer is never invited to tag along.

When the baby mamas vacation together, they amuse themselves by telling anecdotes about the singer and her attempts to fit in where she doesn’t belong.

P. Diddy, Cassie Ventura
Baby mamas: Misa Hylton-Brim, Kimberly Porter, Sarah Chapman

Source: http://sandrarose.com/

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