He played some tough guys on the big screen… but in real life he is afraid of a girl

This tall, handsome movie star has played some tough guys on the big screen… but in real life he is afraid of a girl!

To be fair, the girl is worrisome to his entire team.

He did a movie last spring.

It’s part of a blockbuster franchise.

He plays two roles in the film.

He met a girl on the beach when he was filming Down Under.

They had a fling.

He left town, not expecting to see her again.

She had other ideas.

She stalked him online and posted messages to various fan sites claiming that she was his girlfriend.

She started showing up at his work and at his film promotions.

He was startled to see her.

He tried to explain to her that he simply wasn’t interested in a relationship, but that didn’t work.

She just kept showing up.

The final straw was when she flew halfway around the globe and showed up at his hotel in New York City.

That was downright frightening!

He is trying to keep a low profile (outside of his professional commitments) to dissuade her from knowing where he is, but the stalker is very persistent.

Following him is like a full-time job to her.

He and his team are worried.

If they take legal action – like getting a restraining order – it would be publicized.

It also might set off the stalker even more.

Wouldn’t fans be sympathetic to the fact that he has a stalker?

Not necessarily.

First of all, he did hook up with her and then dump her.

Secondly, he did it at a time when he was supposedly dating that famous actress.


We don’t envy him or his publicist on this one!

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