He may well have one jumped the shark but to me he’ll always be the coolest

Instead of trying to rehash it or summarize it, I am just going to copy and paste it so you can read it for yourself from the writer.

I will say that anyone, including myself, who has had contact with this actor comes away with the same response as this writer.

“I was in California on the first day of a much longed for holiday when the phone rang 6.30 am with my boss asking if I’d mind doing a “quick job” not far from where I was staying. Since photography jobs are as rare as hens teeth and I wanted to seem helpful I agreed [slightly to the annoyance of my other half who was hoping the first day of holiday might be spent doing something more fun that hanging about waiting for me to do a job and edit it.]

Anyway I was sent to the home of a well known tv actor who had recently been honoured in the UK for his charity work.

He had a reputation as a nice guy and when I met him that was confirmed.

He was very friendly and hospitable and as full of questions about me as I was about him.

When I said that I didn’t live in California but was on holiday he was full of suggestions about things I might like to do.

I’d mentioned that my husband and I enjoyed catching movies and eating out and he was full of recommendations of places he thought we might like.

He was particularly enthusiastic about a place in Venice that is hard to get in to.

As I was leaving he gave me the phone number of the the manager there and said I was to call saying I was a friend of his and that she would be sure to give me and my other half a reservation.

Anyway, when I got back to my hotel and was putting my kit away I found he’d slipped $200 in my camera bag with a note saying he hoped we’d both have a meal out together on him.

There was nothing ostentatious about this and I suspect he’d done it because he felt sheepish about enthusing so much about a place that I might not have been able to afford [he’d backtracked a bit while we were chatting].

Anyway we did call the manager and we were given a really nice table on a busy Friday night and we did have a fantastic meal on this actor and it made our holiday.

A hint is that he may well have one jumped the shark but to me he’ll always be the coolest…”

Henry Winkler
Best known for his role as Arthur Fonzarelli in the 1970s American sitcom Happy Days

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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