He made her life hell to collect child support.

About a decade ago, this band really took off and made it big.

They were everywhere.

They still exist, but at the time, they were huge.

The most famous person in the group is not the lead singer.

He is probably a B+ list celebrity at this point, but back then he was A-/A.

More of the A variety when he was involved with at the time an A list celebrity/”singer”/reality star.

Before she came into the picture though, our celebrity got a groupie pregnant.

He was there for the birth and that was it.

He basically accused her of getting pregnant on purpose and trying to get money from him. He made her life hell to collect child support.

He wanted her to stay out of the court system and would call her and her friends and scream and yell about her and at her to try and take a really low number.

Eventually they settled.

He would call her or her friends out of the blue every so often to just trash her whenever he was in that kind of mood.

The sad thing is the child died at the age of two of lead poisoning.

Our celebrity never said anything or offered any condolences. Nothing.

Pete Wentz – Fall Out Boy
Ashlee Simpson

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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