He is the biggest defender of women in this industry

I feel dirty, Gossipers, because I know I’m supposed to hate this A-list writer for his crimes against television and movies, but I just can’t.

Not anymore.

A friend (a jobbing actress) got in touch with me recently to talk shop and our A-list writer came naturally up (We must have been talking biggest queens in Hollywood) and although I was down on the guy, my friend was not.

“He’s the biggest defender of women in this industry,” she swears. “Especially older women!

He is one of the select few will go to the bat for them every time.”

He’s earned my begrudging respect.

For now.

Tell me, Gossipers: Who is our A-list writer?

PS: You wouldn’t know my actress friend, in case you were wondering.

Although if the world is fair and talent rewarded, one day you will.

Ryan Murphy

Source: http://thegossiplife.com

Do you believe it?

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