He is a good actor and made some good movies, but this network show made him.

Never has a wife been so grateful to have her husband lose his job.

The thing is, if he had kept his job even for one more season of his show, the marriage would have ended.

An affair.

An affair that was a whole lot more than just some on set sex in a trailer while you wait for a scene to be set up. nope, this was much different.

Our actor is foreign born.

This show was his claim to fame.

Don’t kid yourself. He is a good actor and made some good movies, but this network show made him.

His lover is no stranger to on set romance.

It seems like every show she is on she hooks up with someone.

Kind of like Julia Roberts back in the day.

This was different though.

For a couple of seasons our B+/A- list mostly television actress who seems to be on three or four hit shows simultaneously was just on the show every so often.

Just some flirting and fun, but nothing serious.

Then it happened. She became someone who was on set the entire time.

This past season actors and crew both could tell they were falling in love.

The touches.

The always wanting to be with each other.

His wife used to visit the set.

Not this past season.

He told her he was too busy and the work too hard.

Our actress has moved on to one of her many other projects.

She does love an on set romance.

Will she be back for her former co-star? Probably not.

I think she moves on.

It would have been different though if they had another year.

The wife is glad there is not.

Actor: Mads Mikkelsen
Actress: Gillian Anderson
Show: Hannibal

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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