He has got to the point now that despite his fame, he is using drugs openly in clubs.

It has been bad since late summer last year.

It has been getting much worse though over the past couple of months.

Our actor, foreign born and still an A- lister but he needs something because that franchise that made him famous is fading further into the past.

The drug use is out of control.

Back in the day he was just a guy who stayed home and got quietly drunk with some friends while he played the guitar. He got drunk frequently but it was very low key.

Fast forward a few years and a new friend in his life. The next thing you know our actor is doing drugs.

Each month that has passed since last summer it seems as if his new celebrity friend has encouraged him to try more and more drugs.

He has got to the point now that despite his fame, he is using drugs openly in clubs.

People hand him drugs and he takes them.

He is really careless and it is going to cost him.

The celebrity friend is no friend.

She uses him. When she needs something she says the right things and he keeps running but for the most part she likes to do her thing and wants him to stay as far away while she is doing her thing.

Multiple times this past week she told him which clubs she was going to and specifically told him not to go to them.

Instead he hung out with his very loyal friends.

The problem is they also never say no to him and are in no position to help him get off drugs.

This is not like a hey I can stop when I want thing.

This is getting to the point, especially with the way he likes his booze that it might be a turn up dead thing.

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