He had no idea that Exec had a drinking problem.

Those who work in the television industry will find this blind item particularly juicy!

It’s about a TV star – whose show is at the top of the ratings – and his smear campaign of a TV Executive.

Last year, TV Guy hired the Executive to run one of his businesses.

While most readers would not know the Exec’s name, those in the television industry certainly do because the Exec previously headed up a very famous production company in Southern California.

Everything was going well, the Executive was performing fine, and the two men were close friends, hanging out together even when they weren’t at work.

A few months ago, the Exec went to TV Guy and asked him for a few weeks off. He told TV Guy that he felt that he was drinking too much, and that he thought he should go to rehab, but that he was concerned about his job security if he took time off.

TV Guy was surprised.

He had gone out socially with Exec many times, and had known him for many years.

He had no idea that Exec had a drinking problem.

TV Guy quickly arranged for Exec to go to a rehab facility, and assured Exec that his job would still be waiting for him when he got back.

When Exec arrived at rehab, there was a letter waiting for him from TV Guy… telling him that he was fired!

Additionally, when he go home and started job hunting, Exec discovered that TV Guy had called mutual acquaintances all over town to tell them that Exec was an addict, that he been fired, and that it would be a mistake for anyone else to hire him!

We’re not attorneys, so we don’t know if it was legal for TV Guy to fire the Exec while he was in rehab or to smear his name like that.

However, for a man who is always telling other people how to live their lives with integrity, honesty, and compassion, TV Guy’s handling of this situation certainly appears to have fallen short of those values.

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Source: http://blindgossip.com

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