He got married to squash the gay rumors about him

It seems that this advocate of area codes might’ve just reached his breaking point!

Know why? Not only has our mystery man come to terms with a dying music career, the longtime closeted emcee has reportedly put down the mic and picked up the video game controller — to act out his “race car driver fantasies.”

“He sits around all fucking day playing driving games & it’s driving his new wife crazy.” Associates close to our blind item are now left to file complaints over his obsessive, deranged beliefs of being a race car driver.

Just ask Lorenz Tate!

We’re told you can’t blame his Paul Walker-worshiping for the reported rip-offs he pulled on acts previously signed to his label.

“He portrays himself as a very quiet person — but he’s got bruhs in different area codes … Ask Chingy!”

The drop: “He got married to squash the gay rumors about him … and he’s now acting like he’s Mario Andretti.

This n*gga sits around all day playing with a Thrustmaster steering wheel.

If he ain’t talking about cars?

He’s constantly shittin’ on today’s rappers because his latest record flopped.”

Dude entered the game rockin’ with a gay porn star — whose real name is “Gordon”; The pinnacle of his career featured our blind item callin’ women bitches, and ordering them to begone; He’s now closin’ with a Beard and a Baby …


Source: http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

Do you believe it?

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