He can’t even pretend to enjoy time with the kids.

If you think that this actor is genuinely making an effort to be a good father, think again!

He is pissing and moaning about spending time together, and is doing the bare minimum to keep from looking like the bad guy.

One family friend summed up the situation this way:

He can’t even pretend to enjoy time with the kids.

He has to be dragged out for any activity that involves them.

Every single request gets a heavy sigh from him. Then eye rolling. Then whining. “Do I HAVE to?”

He’s a bigger baby than any of the kids.

If she left it up to him to decide on the activities, the kids would just sit in front of a television all day with him on the phone or the computer.

This isn’t a new thing.

He’s always been that way. He doesn’t hate the kids.

He just hates putting any effort into being a father.

[His wife] really hoped he might want to be more involved once he had a son, but it really hasn’t made any difference.

[Optional] She the wife stop planning family activities that involve the whole family and let him spend time with the kids any way he wants to?

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