He always pretends to be quite the family man but is not even close.

This foreign born A list mostly action movie actor who was A+ list in the US for a decade and is still A+ list in much of the world took his mistress to a very high profile event and left his wife home.

He always pretends to be quite the family man but is not even close.

Jackie Chan – Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh
2015 ASEAN International Film Festival

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Jackie Chan started her affair with former Miss Asia Elaine Ng back in 1999. He later got her pregnant but Jackie decided to seek the forgiveness of his wife Joan Lin and totally cut his ties with Elaine and their love child Etta.

For the very first time, Jackie Chan mentioned about his love child named Etta with actress and former Miss Asia Elaine Ng. However, the Asian action star refused to talk and dwell so much about her.

Where: 2015 Asian International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA)
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Another news piece:
Jackie Chan’s ‘suicidal’ love child accuses mother of abuse

Etta Ng, 15, who was born of Chan’s affair with Hong Kong actress and former Miss Asia Elaine Ng in the late 1990s, dropped a bombshell on teachers at her school in the New Territories on March 11 when she claimed her mother had been physically abusing her.

Police detained Elaine Ng, 42, later that afternoon when she came to collect Etta from school. Conflicting sources say she was either released without charge on the same day or released on bail the next day on charges of child cruelty and possessing illegal drugs allegedly found in her home following a search.

Etta Ng has since downplayed the abuse claims, saying she only notified police because she did not know how to help her mother overcome her addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills. Reports indicate that the teenager is currently in hospital receiving unspecified treatment and that her mother is prohibited from seeing her.

For her part, Elaine Ng has denied the allegations, reminding reporters camped outside her home on Friday that her daughter had reiterated to police several times that there was no physical abuse. In previous interviews, however, the actress has admitted to being a strict mother and using corporal punishment to discipline Etta when she was younger, including whipping her on the legs with a belt.

“Children are sometimes naughty and they do something wrong when they are naughty. I think adults can deal with these things,” she said, adding that she may have underestimated how much pressure her daughter may have been under from being known as the illegitimate child of Jackie Chan.

Elaine Ng also admitted that she drinks and has been dependent on sleeping pills for quite some time, but snapped at reporters when pressed on the issue. “Everything is fine!” she said, before telling her daughter through the camera lens that she would look after her own health and continue to work hard. She refused to answer questions about the alleged drug possession charge, saying only that her lawyers would handle the case.

The former beauty queen acknowledged she was stunned when told by school teachers that her daughter had considered taking her own life, telling reporters that Etta must be a “great actress” because she always appeared to be a happy child.

Etta had also painted a lonely picture of her existence in an interview with Hong Kong media, saying she had no friends and that the only people in her life were her mother, their Filipino housekeeper and her pet cat.

Her 60-year-old father, who famously said he had “only committed a fault that every single man in the world commits” when he discovered Elaine Ng was pregnant in 1999, has scarcely been in her life. He has not commented on the story and his manager denies any knowledge of the situation.

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