Ha. She’s not pregnant.


After announcing her pregnancy several months ago, this singer with the famous last name canceled all of her work commitments.

So, hows the pregnancy going?

Ha. She’s not pregnant.

How’s the baby coming along?

The surrogate has had a rough pregnancy, but it looks like everything will be fine.

[Singer] is staying out of sight, though. Why?

She did buy a baby bump (silicone, not foam) from England, but she hates wearing it, especially in the heat.

Also, she’s gained a lot of weight and doesn’t like being photographed.

So, will we ever see a photo of her “pregnant”?

She knows that she needs to do one public photo op with the baby bump, so right now she is saying that she will do it when the temps get a little colder (October).

Janet Jackson

Source: http://blindgossip.com

Do you believe it?

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