The reporter who introduced her to a permanent A+ list celebrity who would ultimately be her downfall.
June 4, 2016
Our actor is mixing coke and booze at an unhealthy rate and his work is really suffering as a result.
June 4, 2016

Good one, you got touched

On Sunday, during her Vulture Fest panel with 2 Dope Queens co-host Phoebe Robinson, Jessica Williams recounted her recent too-close-for-comfort encounter at the Peabody Awards the night before:

Yesterday, I was doing the red carpet for the Peabody’s so I was doing interviews.

I was doing an interview, and all of the sudden, this guy, this popular actor comes up behind me and just grabs me and just pulls me in towards him.

I was literally talking to somebody, and was like, “What? What is happening?”

And he was like, “Yeah, girl. You fine” …

If I was at a f**king bodega in Harlem and this happened to me, I would literally stab you.

But because he’s a great actor, everybody’s, “Haha, that’s funny, right? Good one, you got touched.”

Anthony Anderson


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