From “lifelong friends” things have quickly changed.

There is something very interesting going on behind the scenes in Cannes.

It seems that this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is on the outs with this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee.

From “lifelong friends” things have quickly changed.

It seems that our actress has finally ticked off her bff director to the point where he is willing to let her go. Our actor, who had some favors he needed to fulfill has offered the director a recent co-star who is also a talented actress.

The actress though will not agree to have sex and be the “muse” of the director.

No problem. Our actor has offered up his girlfriend to be that person.

She is more than willing and as a bonus is going to get a lot of acting credits she would never have received otherwise.

Smaller roles, but in important movies.

Everyone is happy except the A+ list actress who has no idea she has been replaced.

With that will also probably be any future chances at Academy Award wins/nominations because no one can really stand to work with her in those kind of roles except the director.

A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper
A+ list actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Director: David O Russell
Co-star: Sienna Miller
New muse, girlfriend: Irina Shayk


Do you believe it?

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