Forget Me Not

About a decade ago, life came crashing down hard on this, at the time permanent A list celebrity. After what happened he has laid low for much of the decade which endangers that permanent A list status. At the time, our permanent A lister was traveling all over the world.


Forget Me Not

About a decade ago, life came crashing down hard on this, at the time permanent A list celebrity.

After what happened he has laid low for much of the decade which endangers that permanent A list status.

At the time, our permanent A lister was traveling all over the world. He was making a lot of money, but not enough to support his lifestyle.

He wanted more.

He also had a huge sexual appetite, but like most people in this spot, it was not anything anyone would consider normal.

It turns out, one of his best friends at the time was this now convicted child rapist/molester with the powerful friends.

Much like his best friend, our A lister also owned an island and knew he could have something similar.

While the friend focused his attention on the US and Europe, our A lister focused his attention on Asia.

While the friend focused on connections, our A lister focused on making money.

A lot of money.

On his trips to Asia, he met with some people who specialized in tourists wanting children or young teens.

Our A lister arranged for a group of 20 of these teens to get visas to “study” in the country where his island is still located.

The government of that country makes a lot of money from the A lister and also had many of their own government ministers at his home on the island.

The teen and tween girls were set up in a dormitory adjacent to the main house.

Then, our A lister made bookings with Asian companies for his services.

The thing is though, his services for years were one price and then beginning that year about a decade ago, his fees quadrupled.

The difference was what men paid to visit his island.

For close to 18 months or so, our A lister was making millions of dollars a month.

Just a ton of money he was making so men could rape these tweens and teens.

Every two or three nights, the boat carrying 10-15 of these men would pull up to the dock and then be replaced three nights later with another group of men.

At some point, our A lister got cocky.

He started filming the tweens and teens and sending out little clips and photos of them across the internet to make the dollars flow even faster.

He also met a woman who he thought would be into that kind of thing and invited her to come to the island so they could explore together.

She came and then almost crashed his whole world.

She went to the feds.

The next thing you know, our A lister has all his cash seized and they find evidence of the porn and money laundering and he knows he is going to jail for a very very long time.

To make matters worse for him, all of the men who had paid in advance to visit the island complained to the companies they paid money to.

Those companies were also mad because the agreement they had in place to supply teens for money was now canceled.

Our A lister was looking at decades in jail.

Then, the most fortunate set of circumstances came to be.

Some new people came to power and they decided to look the other way.

They made everything just go away.

They even managed to make the woman who turned on the A lister look like a loon.

In return, this group of people got names and contacts and also all those clips.

It is amazing what power can do.

The A lister probably won’t ever get his old luster back, but it beats spending all that time in jail.

David Copperfield

Crash down: rape accusation

Island: Musha Cay

Convicted child rapist/molester: Jeffrey Epstein

Woman who went to the fed: Lacey L. Carroll

David Copperfield’s Malaysian show cancelled after FBI raid – 2007

David Copperfield’s performance in Malaysia this month has been cancelled after the FBI launched an investigation into the world-famous US magician and illusionist, a report said Monday.

The organisers of his two-day stint here on October 30 and 31 said the decision to cancel was made after agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations raided Copperfield’s storage warehouse in Los Angeles last week.

“He needs to help in the investigations. Copperfield is not prevented from leaving the United States but he needs time to get to the bottom of things,” Arianna Teoh, director of Arianna Event Management, said in The Star newspaper.

FBI agents took away a computer hard drive, digital camera memory chip and seized nearly two million dollars in cash during the raid last Wednesday.

They also visited the MGM-Grand Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, where Copperfield often performs. – Source

Woman in David Copperfield’s Rape Probe Arrested – 2010

It’s no illusion: Lacey L. Carroll, who had accused magician David Copperfield of raping her in 2007, has been arrested in connection with another case where she alleged rape.

Tuesday, Carroll was charged in Washington state with prostitution and providing a false statement to police regarding what happened on Dec. 2, 2009, when she claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a 31-year-old man in Bellevue, Wash.

The case is strikingly similar to the case involving Copperfield. The 23-year-old former Miss Washington USA contestant claimed she met the magician at one of his 2007 shows in Washington, and afterwards, he invited her to visit his private island in the Bahamas. Later, she told detectives that Copperfield sexually assaulted her while on the island, once by holding her head under water to coerce her.

Federal prosecutors closed that investigation without charges in December 2009.

In Carroll’s new case, according to ABC affiliate KOMO-TV, she told detectives she had been lured from a bowling alley to the Bellevue Club and Hotel by her male companion. Carroll claimed she couldn’t remember anything that happened after leaving the bowling alley, but when questioned by another investigator, said she “remembered taking a taxi and then coming to in a hotel with Loomis on top of her, pinning her shoulders down on a bed,” according to a police statement.

Copperfield’s attorney, Patty Eakes, said in a statement to ABC News that “these developments vindicate Mr. Copperfield and confirm what he has said all along — this woman tried to extort money from him by making a false claim. Thankfully, authorities have now stepped in to stop her.”

2007 was an odd time for Copperfield. In addition to the launch of the rape investigation in October, the same month, FBI agents raided a Las Vegas warehouse owned by Copperfield. Media reports claimed agents took $2 million in cash from the building along with a computer hard drive and a memory chip from a digital camera system. The FBI later said no money was taken from the warehouse. – Source

Jeffrey Epstein amends lawsuit; claims victims’ attorney threatened to depose his friends – 2011

Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein says attorney Brad Edwards abused the court system by threatening to depose Epstein’s powerful friends.

Epstein says Edwards threatened to depose Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, President Bill Clinton, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Tommy Mottola, David Copperfield and others. The allegations are contained in an amended complaint filed by attorney Joseph Ackerman on behalf of Epstein.

“Edwards’ intent was simply to harass friends and acquaintances of Epstein,” the complaint says.

Attorney Jack Scarola has filed a motion to dismiss, describing the complaint as an intent to “defame” Edwards.

Edwards has represented 10 underage girls in sex abuse claims brought against Epstein, who settled more than two dozen cases under a confidentiality agreement. All contain similar allegations: Epstein paid them for massages and sex acts at his El Brillo Way home.

Epstein, 58, served 13 months of an 18-month sentence for soliciting minors for prostitution and soliciting prostitution. – Source


Property Owner Sued Copperfield Over Sale of Island Where Alleged Rape Occurred

As David Copperfield faces allegations of sexual assault, there are some who would argue that “Copperfield the Conjurer” is also a con — that the world-famous illusionist sank to playing dirty tricks in order to buy the super-exclusive Bahamian island where the alleged rape occurred.

That was the claim from Blockbuster Video co-founder John Melk, who once owned the property known as Musha Cay and says he was duped into selling it to Copperfield.

Melk sued Copperfield in 2004 for fraud. In federal court documents filed in Nevada, an angered Melk accused the world’s 13th highest paid performer of identity illusion in his quest to buy the gorgeous resort visited by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Faith Hill and John Travolta.

Court papers reveal that in 1995, Melk purchased the Bahamian paradise and put his heart, soul and finances ($55 million) into developing the property.

In 2002, Melk decided to sell Musha Cay, but he insisted that any potential buyer have adequate cash and experience in managing a luxury resort.

The lawsuit states that in October 2002, representatives for Copperfield expressed interest in Musha Cay. But not only was Melk concerned about Copperfield’s financial ability to develop the property and maintain its superior quality, he thought the magic man lacked the experience to manage the resort. And then there were the rumors …

In the federal legal papers filed by Melk, it states, “he (Copperfield) has been the subject of numerous rumors concerning his personal lifestyle and relationships, the collapse of a restaurant called “Magic Underground,” and his alleged ties with the Russian Mafia. Mr. Copperfield denies some, but not all, of these rumors. These rumors or allegations whether or not true, caused Plaintiffs significant concern, as their mere existence could have an adverse impact on the operations of Musha Cay.”

According to a 2005 article in the Chicago Sun Times, Copperfield decided to handle rumor control on his own, through his Web site.

Copperfield said he “can’t deny” that the Russian mob once held his professional equipment hostage. He denied claims that he is gay. (Copperfield once sued Paris Match Magazine for insinuating that his relationship with supermodel Claudia Schiffer was a “set-up” in order to maintain the appearance that he is straight. Copperfield claims he won that legal battle.) – Read more