For the past couple of years, she’s been focused on guys twenty and thirty years older than her


This actress started out in the business when she was very young.

She’s not that old now.

Closer in age to Taylor Swift than Gwyneth Paltrow.

It’s just that she’s been around forever.

She’s dated a lot.

Mostly a bunch of actors.

There was even a rumor a couple of years ago that she was dating a very famous messed-up actor we’ve been talking about a lot lately.

A couple of years before that, it was that cute actor who didn’t quite treasure her the way she needed to be treasured.

A few years before that, it was a very famous athlete who has since gone down in disgrace.

If you just consider those three guys, she doesn’t seem to have a type.

Those three are different from each other as can be.

Well, she’s got a new type… and we’ll tell you why.

Her sister recently married someone who is much older.

Since that formula worked for her sister, our actress has now decided that it might work for her, too.

So for the past couple of years, she’s been focused on guys twenty and thirty years older than her!

While it does seem weird when young and beautiful dates someone old and not-so-attractive, our actress has a plan.

She really wants to get married in the next two years so that she and her sister can raise their kids together.

Old guys aren’t still sowing their wild oats and will be able to commit faster.

She doesn’t particularly care how wealthy they are.

She is definitely no gold-digger.

Her wallet is probably fatter than the men she’s dating.

While it’s good to have goals, but there might be one catch with her newest old man.

He’s still married. Whoops!

Actress: Ashley Olsen
Sister: Mary-Kate Olsen
Messed-up Actor: Johnny Depp
Athlete: Lance Armstrong
Child actor and business mogul Ashley Olsen just turned 30 a few weeks ago. She is dating a 58-year-old artist named George Condon.

Just two days after we ran this item that exposed that George is still married, something amazing happened: He and his wife announced a divorce settlement! It’s a Full House Miracle!

Having to settle your divorce quickly because you got caught dating someone young enough to be your granddaughter? How rude!

Ashley Olsen has dated a lot of famous guys, including Johnny Depp, Lance Armstrong, and actor Justin Bartha, best known for his role in National Treasure.

Ashley’s last boyfriend was twenty years older than her. Depp is 23 years older than her. Condon is nearly thirty years older than her.

Why is she now dating so much older? Well, her twin sister Mary-Kate started dating Olivier Sarkozy in 2012 and married him last year. Sarkozy is 47. Mary-Kate is happy. Ashley is tired of dating around and wants to get married and have a family. She believes that an older guy will be more ready to commit. Since Condo has now formally ditched his wife for her, she may be right.


Do you believe it?

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