Everyone wants a piece of him. Everyone.

On one of the biggest new network hits of the season, there is a little onscreen romance that has turned off screen in a big way.

He is a foreign born B lister in his own country and, until this show was probably C+ here.


Everyone wants a piece of him. Everyone.

His co-star was B list at best before the show and now, if she can make nice she has a chance at A list.

She has been in a long term relationship with a B+ list actor who split from his wife for the actress. Well, he was with the actress and then got caught so decided to split with his wife, but you get the picture.

Until this show was a big hit the actress was treated like a side piece.

No respect at all.

When the show hit, her boyfriend got really insecure.

Looks like it was for a good reason too.

Our actress and her co-star have definitely let it be known on set they are a couple.

The problem is that the soon to be actor ex of our actress is going ballistic with rage and jealousy and the actress thinks the whole thing will blow up and make her look bad.


No one really likes her anyway so this will just add fuel to that fire.

Meanwhile, her foreign born co-star just goes with the flow and his feeling is that if it doesn’t work out, another one down the line will.

  Sullivan Stapleton & Jaimie Alexander (Blindspot)
Long term relationship: Peter Facinelli (Jennie Garth)

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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