Drug use, Alcohol, Smoking, Infidelity, Money, Eating disorders, Emotional abuse, Child abuse, Physical abuse

We’ve been telling you about this celebrity couple’s troubles for YEARS.

The public announcement of their separation is going to be innocuous (“we’ve grown apart” or “work commitments”).

However, they both dislike each other so much – and have so much dirt on each other – that we just can’t see both parties staying cordial throughout the process!

If you are only newly aware that their marriage is ending, allow us to present you with a simple list of all the issues that may come up during the split.

Drug use (Marijuana, cocaine, heroin)
Alcohol consumption (excessive)
Smoking (especially around the children)
Infidelity (multiple instances)
Money (hiding and excessive spending)
Eating disorders (anorexia, bulumia)
Emotional abuse (verbal aggression, jealous aggression)
Child abuse (neglect, food control)
Physical abuse (pushing not punching)
You can figure out who is going to use which weapon/s against the other. We would not be surprised if this one gets ugly.

Joel Madden
Nicole Richie

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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