Don’t be surprised to see her in stores, seated on a chair, talking and smiling and laughing

If she is in town, and by town, I mean a little town slightly south of Santa Barbara.

She is an Academy Award winner/nominee.

You could argue she was A+ list at one point. Definitely A list.

Foreign born with a permanent A list movie actor husband.

Our actress has gone through some issues over the past few years, one of which is trying to keep track of her real age.

I digress.

Anyway, she has some issues she has worked through including her husband constantly cheating on her. One of the things these issues have caused is a lack of friendship.

She has very few friends.

Oh, sure she can air kiss with the best of them and put on a big Hollywood fake grin, but it is just fake.

Empty. So, there she is, on the little main street in this town, strolling from shop to shop.

She has enough money where she spends a few bucks at each store, but it is more a payment for letting her be there and talking to her.

She can stay in a store for an hour just talking.

Wanting to be talked to.

She will make the rounds of her four or five favorite stores over the course of a day.

It has nothing to do with what they sell, although her favorite does sell consignment clothing.

Nope, what it has to do more with is the person in the store.

She goes to shops which will talk to her and entertain her.

Converse with her, even for a little while.

Everyone in the town loves her and loves spending time with her, but for some reason she never does this with any other people.

No one in the industry.

No one when she is on sets.

Maybe she thinks they are as fake as the air kisses they blow.

So, if you are in this town, and it is a weekday, because she only does this on weekdays, don’t be surprised to see her in stores, seated on a chair, talking and smiling and laughing and at the end of it, purchasing something to make it look like it was all business, when it is really her trying to find a friend.

Catherine Zeta Jones


Do you believe it?

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