Disney actress, along with her mother made the act of bearding almost as lucrative as her acting

Bearding is not something for which you are generally paid at a young age.

This mid-teens B+ list Disney actress, along with her mother though has made the act of bearding almost as lucrative as the income she receives from her acting career.

It is her bosses over at Disney that first approached the actress and her mom.

They needed a favor.

A movie to promote for this Academy Award winner/nominee but she was drugging and partying and starting to get a bad reputation. The bosses wanted positive publicity so they paid our tweener almost six figures to be the best friend of the troubled actress for several months.

The tweener has a squeaky clean reputation and seemed to never leave the side of the troubled actress.

Shortly after the movie was released, the two actresses stopped seeing each other.

For the next gig, our actress didn’t accept money, she accepted an additional television role to the one she already has.

What did the bosses want her to do this time? Pretend she has a boyfriend.

Not just any boyfriend.

A guy who the bosses have big plans for when it comes to acting and singing but he needed a girlfriend to make the image complete.

Plenty of photos of the couple. Not by the paps and definitely not doing anything more than side hugs.

This is all pure Disney fun.

It also suffers from a lack of chemistry which could also be because our tweener’s mom is the chaperon.

She has to protect the investment.

I think the actress is setting herself up well for later in life for any closeted men or as a sober companion.

Or she might turn into Miley Cyrus.

Disney actress: Bailee Madison
Academy Award winner/nominee: Hailee Steinfeld
Boyfriend: Emery Kelly

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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