The real reason she’s not at Coachella?

Although her husband was performing, this celebrity skipped the festival.

Did you notice the double dose of excuses her camp released?

The first was that she was already booked for something else far away.

The second was that she found her husband annoying.

The real reason she’s not at Coachella?

She’s too fat!

It’s 90+ degrees outside, and the women there are walking around in daisy dukes and bikini tops.

If she wore the multiple layers of squeezy spandex garments and long coats she typically favors, she’d be roasting.

So they bundled her off to a cold-weather location and made up the story about the spat instead!

What’s this girl going to do when summer rolls around?

Kim Kardashian
Kanye West


Do you believe it?

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