Dating then engagement and then marriage all within a year.

Times have been tough for this multiple reality star contestant.

There is only so much money her former employer is willing to give her under the table for the favors she provides.

Not to him.

No, he would never.

He is more the Nazi type.

But, for certain friends or potential business partners, he would send her in to close the deal. Ruthless. No emotion or passion, just business.

Anyway, at one point not that long ago, she thought she was set for life.

Just be a lady who lunched while circling opportunities to keep appearing on television.

Maybe getting her own show.

She was going to be living in those circles and she was excited.

Unfortunately for her plans it all went away in an instant.

She vowed the next time she would make sure of a few things.


More money guaranteed upfront as in the husband should have family money or already made his fortune.

A guy who wanted to have a couple of children to really seal the deal financially.

She knew that if she could find someone young, she could use every trick she knew and get the guy wrapped around her finger immediately.

There would be no prenup.

Dating then engagement and then marriage all within a year.

Don’t let them see anything else but the story she was spinning.

By the time they spinning stopped, the couple would be married and he would be welcome to leave as long as he wrote a big fat check.

To get them young she found the perfect place.

She could research them all before she even made her move.

She could do background checks on their family finances.

She made a couple of moves on potential matches but they either saw right through her or were not interested.

She finally struck gold though and when she did it was a gusher.

The guy went crazy for her and she has kept his head spinning.

He has no idea what kind of web he has walked into.

Omarosa Manigault
Former employer: Donald Trump
Set for life: engaged to Michael Clarke Duncan, who died in 2012
Guy: The Sanctuary @ Mt. Calvary led by Senior Pastor, Dr. John Allen Newman


Do you believe it?

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