Dad likes the fast life. The thing is, because of his age, no one wants to be with him unless he picks up the tab and he tabs are very pricey.

You would think it would be a happy occasion, but really it has been more like the Bluth family (“Arrested Development”).

A huge windfall of cash has landed in the hands of a member of the family.

A lot of money.

More money than she would probably go through in her lifetime.

Granted, if she continues recording this album at the pace she is recording it, she might go through it on just studio time.

She used to be A list, but I don’t think she has the passion or drive to work her way back up the recording ladder.

I think she is content with her family, her kids and her now much smaller side gig which is not worth much, even though she likes to pretend it is. Meanwhile, dad is running through money like a gambling addict in Vegas. Hmm.

How about dad is running through money like Lindsay Lohan rifling through a wallet before the guy wakes up.

That is fast.

Dad likes the fast life.

The thing is, because of his age, no one wants to be with him unless he picks up the tab and he tabs are very pricey.

Escorts and booze aren’t cheap.

He has his own pile of money but would like some of the other pile.

He thinks he is entitled to some but so far has been unsuccessful.

His big push for cash won’t be until he officially runs out of his own.

Then, it could get nasty.

Kind of like the way he refers to his member as Mr. Lollipop.

Ask around.

He does.

The main troublemaker in all of this is another family member.

A member of the family who was famous in her own right.

She blew through all her money on drugs.

She used to rely on a salary from the now super rich family member.

Oh, and child support.

The problem is that once the business went away, so did the salary and the child support payment is much less than it used to be back in the day.

A lump sum payment didn’t last long.

There are bills to pay and she and her husband have an extravagant lifestyle.

He makes money, but the incoming cash flow comes nowhere near the outflow.

They both have relied on rich family members to make up the difference.

This family member also did some recording and it is pretty good.

It needs work though and that costs money.

The rich family member doesn’t want to pay.

The two barely speak.

Even though there was a recent family celebration for the super rich family member, most of the other family members blew it off.

That is not the way to go.

You need to kiss butt and kiss the ring.

Then, and only then will the super rich family member pass out cash.

You could also get a job.


Super rich celebrity: Jessica Simpson
Side business: HSN
Dad: Joe Simpson
Main troublemaker: Ashlee Simpson Ross
Child support source: Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
Husband: Evan Ross
Rich family member: Evan’s mother Diana Ross


Do you believe it?

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