Could you bring me a baby kangaroo instead?

This young film actress recently asked an Australian film actor for a favor.

She loves pets and wanted to know if the actor would bring back a koala bear for her the next time he traveled from Australia to the United States.

When he tried to explain to her that the animals are endangered, she seemed puzzled. “But wouldn’t I be helping it, then?

Actually, if you bring me back TWO of them I could breed them and give the babies to zoos and stuff.

That would help, right?”

The Aussie gently explained to her that you simply could not take the animals out of Australia.

“Not even if I was willing to pay a lot?”

“No, not even then.”

“OK, well I just wanted a cute little baby bear is all.”

“Actually, koalas aren’t bears.

They’re marsupials. Like kangaroos.”

“Oh. Well… then could you bring me a baby kangaroo instead?”

Joey King
The very patient Liam Hemsworth


Do you believe it?

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