Conflict and resolution are the basis of EVERY reality show.

Don’t believe what you are hearing about these two reality stars kissing and making up in real life.

It’s being staged for the cameras!

Conflict and resolution are the basis of EVERY reality show.

Since chronic conflict is boring, the two parties need to change it up on a regular basis.

If there is no conflict, they create conflict.

If there is conflict, they stage a reconciliation.

And on and on. They are just plot devices to keep things interesting (even though many reality show watchers think it’s real).

In this case, both reality stars have been warned that they need to bring the drama or face the boot.

Since they have spent most of their time fighting each other, they must now team up to stage a reunion and reconciliation for viewers to talk about.

The chumminess and gratitude will last much of the season… until it’s time to stage another conflict.

It’s one thing when there are only adults involved who are play acting.

However, what’s disconcerting about this particular situation is that there are minor children who are getting dragged into this.

Even if the parents fully inform the kids that the conflicts/resolutions are exaggerated or staged, it’s got to be stressful for them.

Teresa Giudice – Melissa Gorga
Teresa to spend Christmas eve at Melissa’s home


Do you believe it?

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