Comedian is a psychopath. Producer is just a perv.

There are a lot of people drawing parallels between a famous comedian’s repeated assaults on women and a recent accusation against a famous producer.

However, if you believe that you’ll suddenly see the floodgates open and a line of women coming forward to tell their own stories, you might be disappointed.

An insider tells us: [There is a] huge difference between [Comedian] and [Producer]. Comedian is a psychopath.

Producer is just a perv, and the women in his case (and yeah there are a lot of women) are gonna react totally differently.

Comedian was a celebrity, but did not control or influence a huge chunk of show business.

His victims were mainly small players, and even though serious crimes were committed, it took them decades before they came out.

Producer runs this fucking town!

There might be a couple of no-name women who step forward, but they will not be anybody who is still working in Hollywood.

There is no way you are going to hear a peep from any of the big-name actresses who he exchanged favors with.

Yeah, I said it: exchanged favors! Sometimes they try to seduce him.

Sometimes he tries to seduce them.

They weren’t drugged or raped.

Of course he took advantage of his position but they all could’ve walked away at any time. Mark my words, you will not see any famous actress talk publicly because they know that their careers are OVER/DONE/DEAD if they challenge the king!

Do you really think that [It Girl] or [Academy Girl] or [TV Girl] are going to throw away their careers to get five seconds of recognition that Producer is a perv?


Comedian: Bill Cosby
Producer: Harvey Weinstein
It Girl: Jennifer Lawrence
Academy Girl: Gwyneth Paltrow
TV Girl: Heidi Klum


Do you believe it?

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