Cold Sore Questionnaire

Among the Sony/Wikileaks documents, which mostly pertain to legal and financial matters, is a shocking secret document that proves Sony execs are seriously concerned with preventing the spread of herpes on set!

In order to be insured for a film shoot, numerous actors working on Sony projects have been required to fill out the “Cold Sore Questionnaire,” Radar has learned.

According to the documents, they must “describe cold sore locations,” confess when the sore(s) first appeared, admit how long their cold sores usually last, disclose any potential triggers, and reveal any medications that they are taking to treat the sores, commonly known as Herpes Simplex 1. They must sign and date the form, attesting to its validity.

But according to email chains related to several different films, actors sometimes skip questions about cold sores altogether, since admitting to the secret can unleash a flurry of concerned emails from Sony execs.

While prepping to film the recent release Aloha, for example, the studio learned that one of the actors — whom Radar has chosen not to identify — was taking medication for sores.

“[Redacted] has restrictions …” an insurance agent told the studio about the actor, who was not one of the leads.

“The cold sore questionnaire says he uses Abbreva (which is not a prescription medication).

If there is a prescription medication he takes, please have the cold sore questionnaire revised to show the prescription medication (also, artist would need to check the box on the cold sore questionnaire that says he’d take the prescription medication before & during filming as a preventative measure.”)

Another very well-known A-list actor working on another project initially refused to answer the cold sore question, which triggered frantic emails between the studio, the insurance company, and his rep.

And one Academy Award-winning actress in her late 50s revealed that she also suffers from the sores.

Emails stressed that she would take medication while filming as a “preventative measure.”

Aloha Actor: Danny McBride
A-list Actor: Brad Pitt
Academy Award-winning Actress: Emma Thompson


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