Celebrity versus Celebrity

In this silly game of choosing up sides of Celebrity versus Celebrity, we have some insight as to why this Male Singer is now coming out against this popular Female Singer.

There are actually three reasons.

First of all, despite Female Singer’s friendship with Male Singer’s Ex, she has made it painfully clear that Ex could not bring Male Singer to any private event (like a birthday party) for which she had any control of the guest list.


His drug use.

Yes, it seems a little hypocritical given that there were other people at those gatherings who do drugs, or have done drugs, or have dealt drugs.

She just had a particular dislike of HIS messy history with drugs.

She didn’t want that messy factor anywhere near her reputation… and he didn’t like that she had the power to blackball him.


The second reason that Male Singer couldn’t wait to stick it to Female Singer is because he felt like she caused the most recent breakup with his Ex!

Now, you have to put aside logic for this one and ignore the fact that he and Ex had dated and broken up half a dozen times before she ever became friends with Female Singer.

[Male Singer] always thought that he would end up with his Ex because when they broke up, all he had to do was to tell her to come back and she would come back running.

Once she became friends with [Female Singer], though, he kind of lost control of her.

He was pissed that [Female Singer] was always in her ear telling her what to do.

And what was Female Singer telling Ex to do?

She was telling her to stay away from Male Singer!

[Female Singer] doesn’t like drugs, and she doesn’t like that [Ex] used to do drugs whenever she got back together with [Male Singer].

She also didn’t like that [Male Singer] was always f*cking other girls behind [Ex’s] back.

She told [Ex] that she would be happier if she dated a guy who didn’t treat her so badly.

So it sounds like Female Singer tried to use her influence to convince Ex to stay sober and to date men who would treat her more respectfully.

How dare she!

No wonder Male Singer was looking to get back at her!

The third reason that this Male Singer is taking sides against this Female Singer is probably the weirdest one.

He tried to hit on her once.

It didn’t go well.

This was a few years ago when they were both at [event].

They were friendly at the time.

He was talking about doing some sort of collaboration together.

Then he started licking his lips and saying something like, “I can think of another kind of collaboration that we could do together.”

At first she thought he was just trying to be funny, but he didn’t stop.

He was like, “Admit it. You know you’ve always secretly wanted me.”

She was like, “Ummm…. no.” He made her really uncomfortable.

After that, she just tried to avoid him.

Justin Bieber
Female Singer: Taylor Swift
Ex: Selena Gomez

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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