His long time girlfriend has been going through his money with a few schemes run by her and her family
June 2, 2016
Most of his visits are focused on one country.
June 2, 2016

By my calculation he is about three times her age.

Things are getting pretty rough for this talk show host.

As hard as he is trying to keep it together on the outside, there are big cracks beginning to show in his foundation.

Big cracks.

If he steps the wrong way at all in the next few weeks his entire world is going to come crashing down hard.

It will be one of the biggest falls ever.

This is not a late night host.

I’m not even sure if this host has been a blind before.

I’m leaning towards no and if it is a yes, then it was just him being an a-hole on a plane ride or something.

The guy has several jobs all related to him talking and staying level headed.

His biggest employers have had to play some serious interference over the past few months. He has been abrasive to almost everyone in the studio and office where he works.

He is having sex with some college student almost every day while trying to tell the people at work he is celibate.

By my calculation he is about three times her age.

If this hookup is anything like his other past college aged women hookups she is probably having to bathe before and after sex.

Notice I said bathe.

He does not think women should take showers.


He has several burner phones which he uses to text and harass people who have crossed him.

He has always held grudges but as he has started to age, these grudges have turned into vendettas.

Things are getting ugly.

He tries to be Mr. Cool at his jobs but he has started to show up just before air time and looking disheveled because his vendettas take up so much of his time.

He has a team of interns who only look up people who have wronged him and then he takes that information and tries to go after them.

It wouldn’t shock me if he died of a heart attack.

It also wouldn’t shock me if he did a murder suicide thing.

Glenn Beck
By the way he got suspended from SiriusXM

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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