Both members of this couple are publicity seekers

Don’t the fans of these two singers know that they are being played?

You see, if things stay the same in their relationship, there is no opportunity for publicity.

However, both members of this couple are publicity seekers.

That’s why they pull little stunts every week. He will talk about how he wants to spend time out of the spotlight… and then post public photos on social media.

Or they will talk about commitment… and then she will appear in public without her engagement ring.

Or she will put on a dress that resembles a wedding gown… and then pretend that she is simply playing dress up.

Or they will be photographed on vacation for the umpteenth time… and then claim that they don’t have time to plan a wedding.

Every time they pull one of their little stunts, the fans go crazy trying to decipher the meaning of their actions.

Well, there IS no meaning!

All the articles and “news” stories about their relationship are nothing more than two fame-addicted people stirring the publicity pot.

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards


Do you believe it?

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