Blondie never forgave Blackie for the affair and the humiliation

One model recently made fun of another model’s fiance.

That meanness didn’t come out of the blue.

These two women hate hate HATE each other!

Want to know why?

Many years ago, Blondie and Blackie were arch rivals in the modeling industry.

Blondie was dating a famous musician.

Although they never married, they had a child/ren and a life together.

The musician cheated on Blondie with Blackie. As if that’s not bad enough, Blackie then said she was pregnant… and named the musician as the father!

Of course, Blondie was humiliated!

She hated Blackie more than ever, and tried to influence people in the industry to stop working with Blackie.

It turns out that she was not pregnant with Blackie’s baby.

However, Blondie never forgave Blackie for the affair and the humiliation… and Blackie never forgave Blondie for trying to sabotage her career.

The two have been taking nasty swipes at each other ever since.

Blondie: Jerry Hall
Fiance: Rupert Murdoch
Musician: Mick Jagger
Blackie: Janice Dickinson


Do you believe it?

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