Birds of a feather

Two women with killer egos on the same show?

The horror!

“[Ego One] usually starts out the day normal, but girl’s got issues.

She thinks that because she’s related to someone famous, it makes her just as famous.

I don’t know what’s going on in her trailer, but by the end of the day, she’s unbearable, snapping at everyone because we can’t read her mind.

She can get scary.

[Ego Two] is not used to playing second banana, and she gets pissy when [Ego One] gets more attention, so she is always finding an excuse to spend “private” time with the producers. She makes sure that everyone on set knows that she spends time with them and is the producers’ special little pet.

We just roll our eyes.

Here’s a bit of a shock: Our two Egos actually get along with each other, and both will be coming back for another season!

Birds of a feather?

Ego One: Emma Roberts
Ego Two: Lea Michelle
Scream Queens


Do you believe it?

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