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Big payoffs are happening.

Big payoffs are happening. It's supposed to look like they "accidentally" made these mistakes, which will ultimately help out the accused big time. What other explanation is even plausible for this seemingly deliberate ineptitude.


Big payoffs are happening.

It’s supposed to look like they “accidentally” made these mistakes, which will ultimately help out the accused big time.

What other explanation is even plausible for this seemingly deliberate ineptitude.

Harvey Weinstein

Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein, BBC2

Gangster. Mafia. Monster. These are the words that come up as former colleagues, journalists and alleged victims attempt to describe the brutal power once wielded by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. “D’you really wanna make me your enemy for five minutes of your time?” he demanded of Hope d’Amore, a college student who was seeking work at Miramax and found they’d been “accidentally” booked into the same hotel room. “And then, you know, he’s huge,” points out d’Amore, who only weighed around 110lbs at the time she says Weinstein forced himself on her. She fled home, her dreams of working in the entertainment business wrecked. “He used to say he owned the cops in Buffalo,” she goes on. “Nobody would have believed anything I said.” – Source

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Lucia Evans Breaks Silence After D.A. Dropped Charge

Lucia Evans gave a wrenching account on Tuesday of her efforts to hold Harvey Weinstein responsible for sexual assault, saying she felt betrayed after the Manhattan D.A.’s office dropped her allegations last year.

Evans spoke to Variety after giving a speech at a conference on influencer fraud in Manhattan, making her first public comments on the case since prosecutors dismissed her claims.

“I was blindsided,” she said in the speech, tearing up as she recounted the D.A.’s decision. “The thing that had consumed my life for the past year, that has taken its toll on my marriage, my family, my career — it’s just over. I felt so abandoned. I felt betrayed.”

Evans alleges that Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him during a midday meeting at his Tribeca office in 2004. She first made the allegation in Ronan Farrow’s piece in the New Yorker in October 2017. After the story was published, three officers from the New York Police Department showed up to her door, saying that she was the “only one” who could put the Hollywood bigshot in jail.

Evans worked with the detectives for months and testified before the grand jury, which indicted Weinstein on six counts. But prosecutors later spoke with a witness who alleged that Evans had given a contradictory account of the incident, saying it was consensual. Prosecutors also said that Evans had written a different version of the story in a draft email to her fiance in 2015. Citing the conflicting versions, the D.A. voluntarily dropped the charge. Evans has stood by her allegations, and her attorney blasted D.A. Cyrus Vance last year for “throwing cooperative crime victims under the bus.” – Source

Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Plans To Settle Lawsuits With $44 Million Deal

Harvey Weinstein’s legal battle, which went to trial last summer, has reportedly found a tentative solution. According to the New York Times, the Hollywood producer, who has been accused by over 80 women of sexual misconduct, and his former studio’s board members have reached $44 million deal to resolve the lawsuits. Settlement talks have not concluded, according to the outlet, but about $30 million would be given to a pool of plaintiffs made up of alleged victims, creditors of his former studio, and some former employees. The rest would go towards legal fees.

Currently, the disgraced movie mogul faces criminal charges in New York for alleged sexual violence against two women, but he also faces a number of civil charges for sexual harassment. Weinstein has consistently denied all accusations of nonconsensual sex, and pled not guilty to the New York criminal charges.- Source