Behind the scenes of the past month, she has been a nightmare.

It has barely been a month and this actress is in her second blind item.

This is not a good sign.

The fact that things are leaking about her this early into her career means there will probably be some headline worthy disasters coming from her.

Shame really, because most of the time she seems really nice.

Sure, if you compare her to an actress from the same country she hates it and will tell you not to bring it up again. Ever. Smile on her face but the eyes show she means it.

The nature of her current movie means she probably won’t get above B list for a while.

She showed some flashes of temper on set but everyone assumed it was the tension and the role that brought it out and no one really made a big deal of it.

Some screaming and yelling and throwing of things, but it was all about her “character.”

Fast forward to some of the first press interviews she did for the movie.

They did not go well.

Never really having done that sort of thing, she took things a little too personally and made some comments to reporters and others that were a little too sarcastic and biting.

Right at the edge.

Behind the scenes of the past month, she has been a nightmare.

Screaming at the first sign of something not up to her standards which seem to change by the minute, to literally throwing away into a trash chute in her hotel a designer dress she didn’t like because the designer didn’t fly halfway around the world to present it to her in person.

She wore an off the rack dress a studio PR person found with about 45 minutes to spare before the car took her to a premiere.

The studio PR people have been cycling through all the cast in the movie but no one wants to have their turn with her.

Things need to change quickly if she wants to work outside this franchise.

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