Behind the scenes it was an epic ego and sex fest

We can argue semantics, but if not for this show on this almost network, that I don’t think it sticks around long enough to rattle off all these other shows that now keep it afloat.

I could see one other show on the channel to make the argument, but for now, lets go with this one.

Behind the scenes it was an epic ego and sex fest, none of which has been really seen since on the channel.

You had one of the lead actresses bullied every day she was there which is why she hates her co-stars with a passion. One of the lead actors caught an “older” character cheating on her husband and from that day forth would randomly make her service him orally to keep him from calling the tabloids.

The thing is he would have done it too.

The lead actress on the show thought the world revolved around her.

It still does and she whitewashes her story so much.

She was so desperate for fame back then.

Bring some guest star on the show who was higher on the list and she was doing her best to have sex with him or go out with him.

You had the heroin addict who wasn’t even old enough to drive who used to have loud screaming sex with the actor who used to live with the celebrity offspring.

There was the other actress who had a huge drug problem and was queen of the bullies.

She only managed to keep her job as long as she did because she slept with as many people on the show as possible.

Oh, and there was the frequent guest star who later became an almost regular who tried to destroy everything like a nuclear bomb when she came aboard.

She relished having sex with the actor who was sleeping with the married woman giving oral favors and then telling the actress all about it.

Show: Gossip Girl
Lead actress who was bullied: Leighton Meester
Lead actor: Penn Badgley
Celebrity offspring: Zoë Kravitz
Older character: Kelly Rutherford
Lead actress: Blake Lively
Heroin addict: Taylor Momsen
Queen of the bullies: Jessica Szohr
Guest star: Michelle Trachtenberg


Do you believe it?

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