Barely even asked how he was doing.

This A- list mostly television actor stars in a new network show.

Not many people like it, but it did get picked up for a full season.

Anyway, our actor, who also stars in a lesser known franchise, likes to pretend he never started a pre-fame family.

In fact, he didn’t even foot the bill or even offer to for his son when he was shot.

Barely even asked how he was doing.

Morris Chestnut “Rosewood” “The Best Man” franchise
His son Dante vented to Facebook, “F*ck Ricky!!! @MorrisLamontChestnut!! F*ck you blood, on swan when I got shot in my hip and back all this simple MF had to say was “who shot you?” B*tch ass n*gga been lying and disappointing me my whole life so you got to excuse me while I vent. This man was the only thing I knew from birth as my father growing up. I share my middle and last name with this man. His parents, brother and sister are my grandma and grandpa, aunt and uncle. All who I share a last name with. I lived with him and my mother all my life until after Boyz N The Hood came out.”


Do you believe it?

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