Apparently she is very demanding and very picky.

It is not always easy being the beard for an A list mostly movie actor.

He might even be A+ list but I would like to see him branch out.

When he does branch out he is not as successful.

Anyway, one thing that makes their marriage easier is that she also enjoys people of the same sex.

While at home she never indulges.

Ever. She knows if she is caught, it will also break down his entire wall and everything that comes with it. When they travel on vacation though or she takes one of her many solo trips outside the country she indulges.

A lot.

If you thought Thailand was just for pervy old guys trying to relive their youth at $100 an hour, then you need to meet this woman.

She has someone set up everything in advance and it is a parade of women that come through her permanent hotel suite she convinced her husband to buy in Phuket.

Apparently she is very demanding and very picky.

When she travels on vacation with her husband far from any possible prying eyes of paps, she always has set up something in advance to sample the local talent.

She might be getting a little careless though.

She used to take trips once or twice a year and now she takes a trip almost every month.

Deborra-Lee Furness
Hugh Jackman


Do you believe it?

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