Apparently she is almost dead behind the eyes

Did you know there is another A+ list singer out there that is just like Britney Spears?

The only thing that has managed to keep this other A+ list singer out of the headlines is that she is watched 24/7 much like Britney is now.

Our singer was headed down a road of hair shaving and pink wig wearing but then got involved with a celebrity who saw their potential as a power couple.

He loved the idea of creating a brand with her while at the same time being able to do whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted and she would never say or do anything. It is just not in her nature.

Apparently she is almost dead behind the eyes and is happy just taking photos of herself and traveling the world.

She would rather stay home then to have to get dressed to the level of what is expected.

She would rather just watch television or talk to her friends.

Her guy loves it.

He goes out all of the time alone and is never asked about his life by her.

Others close to her call him out, but not her.



Do you believe it?

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