Always text Lady of the Manor prior to entering her bedroom, or knock.

These days on realty shows, you see a flurry of people enlisted to get the talent together.

There are glam squads, masseuses, interns, assistants, managers, social media teams, ghost writers and so much more.

Last night I had the opportunity to see a schedule for one reality TV personality’s team member whose role sounds a lot like a personal slave.

I can only imagine all the tea this person has on a certain “lady of the manor who apparently needs someone to do everything short of wiping her ass and hold her hair back during her morning hangover purge.

I thought you might like to take a look inside the daily routine that begins from the moment one opens their eyes and ends only when one falls into bed exhausted. These are just the general requirements of the day outside of the persons actual assigned role.

In addition to all of this, the team must all sign releases with production that basically give away any rights one has as well as ownership of anything that the person might produce during the filming and some things are literally signed away in perpetuity, like confidentiality.

That part really sucks because I would so love for people to write books about their experiences.

The tales that could be told about the odd spending habits alone would be fantastic.

Though I wouldn’t know anything about that. I do have sort of a day in the life thing for you after the break.

From refilling water bottles with tap water, to picking up dog poop, it certainly doesn’t seem like the glamorous situation that applicants are expecting.

And if you listen very closely, you can hear murmuring of the disgruntled team here and there about town.

Daily Morning Routine

Always text Lady of the Manor (LOTM) prior to entering her bedroom, or knock.

Place an index card with the following day’s schedule copied from the printed calendar each night.

9 a.m. Present LOTM her tea with hazelnut non dairy and NY post. Leave on the red dresser.

Text LOTM to let her know tea and paper are there.

Ask if she needs anything else.

9:30 a.m. (unless otherwise specified) Bring up Breakfast of Irish oatmeal with berries and almond milk on tray. NEVER walk in without knocking or texting first!!!

Be sure to include, VITAMINS, RX Weight loss pills, and Testosterone.

Pack her purse according to the detailed, typed packing list provided. Always take business cards out of wallet & enter into contacts.

Open door to balcony so dogs can go out to pee. Leave door open for dogs. Make sure their food and water is filled. Also refilled empty water bottles on bedside.

Mondays Remember vitamin D capsule.

Tuesdays Take trash to curb. Water plants. Give orchids one ice cube.

Thursdays Remember vitamin D pill. Leave estrogen patch on dresser with tea and NY Post. Water plants. (not orchids). Take trash to curb.

Sundays Take recycling to curb.

Receive all packages and text LOTM when packages arrive.

Don’t forget to put the gates down every night. (not sure what that means)

Lady of the Manor (LOTM) : Sonja Morgan
Real Housewives of New York