Always screwing them. One day at a time.

Considering how long this show has been off the air it’s remarkable how much money this very large cast makes.

They do well.

Not spectacular, but considering almost all of them have done nothing since the show ended decades ago, that is pretty good.

As time goes by, and opportunities start to slip, the cast likes to jump on all money making opportunities.

That is fine if it is a solo thing, but more often than not, the person offering a job wants more than one of the cast. One of those is generally the star of this blind.

She arguably had the most popular character on the show, but is in the top three as far as status since the show.

That character though is what organizers want, so they give her a call.

She loves the call and her only condition ever is that she be the only member of the cast to be there or they won’t get her.

Recently she could have given a cast member a chance at a $250K payday.

She told the producers that was a no go.

She wanted to be the focus and they agreed.

As recent as that was, there was something that happened in the past week where she managed to screw over the entire cast in one day.

A big payday was in the offing.

All the cast had to sign a contract and money would be flowing into their pockets.

Our star though decided she wanted a better deal and is holding up the process until she gets triple what any other cast member receives.

If she does not get her triple pay, then she won’t sign and no one will get paid.

She loves doing that to her co-stars.

She loves when they beg with her and plead with her and kiss her butt and buy her presents just to make sure she always signs.

This time though, the remaining members of the cast are fighting back. It is a potentially big payday.

Enough money to see them through several years and there will be a war if our star does not sign.

They will throw every bit of dirt at her they can.

The star doesn’t seem worried. As of a day or two ago, she was still holding out for triple.

Always screwing them. One day at a time.

Maureen McCormick – The Brady Bunch


Do you believe it?

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