Well, if she went to rehab for drugs, then it certainly did not do the job.
March 23, 2016
He told her he had someone younger coming over.
March 23, 2016

All about Ireland or Irish people or green beer.

All about Ireland or Irish people or green beer.

All about Ireland or Irish people or green beer.

This Irish actor has never been in a blind before. He has starred in a couple of television shows that never really took off. Roles in that book franchise they keep churning out but never seem to do all that well. His actress girlfriend has surpassed him in the list and has an A+ list making role coming soon. She is also cheating on him. He will be crushed when he discovers it.

Robert Sheehan
Sofia Boutella
Star Trek Beyond

This promising Irish actress was in a huge franchise. She wasn’t the star, but she definitely stole some scenes and is exactly who readers hoped for when they saw her on the screen. She has had a few chances to really make it big but she got caught up in the partying lifestyle that got a few from that franchise. After working several times a year, her drug using reputation caught up with her and now she barely works.

Evanna Lynch
Harry Potter

Kindness- This B list actress is on a hit cable show prequel. She used to be on a hit pay cable show before its untimely demise. Most of you probably would have no idea she is Irish. She spends ten hours every week rotating through a variety of different charities. She has done this for the past two years and has tried to get others to follow her lead.

Kerry Condon
Better Call Saul, Rome

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