Actress found out that Pop Legend was the anonymous perpetrator!

She is an actress who is known for being the wife of a rock and roll legend who left us many years ago.

Our actress is on the older side.

She has a famous daughter who is troubled and who is going through a divorce.

There are some grandkids in the mix, too.

Our actress was recently reported to be dating this age-appropriate pop legend.

They were coy about it, but they were photographed out on multiple dates.

She was proud of the fact that she had snagged another music legend.

She’s known him a long time and the timing was good for them to start dating.

Then, almost as suddenly as it began… their relationship was over!

Want to know what happened?

Of course you do!

Remember that story about that anonymous pop star who is in big legal trouble because of his inappropriate behavior with minors?

Well, Actress found out that Pop Legend was the anonymous perpetrator!

Actress had been a young bride herself, but the accusations about Pop Legend were extremely disturbing.

She had to make a fast decision about what she was going to do with him.

She is trying to convince DCSF that she is an appropriate guardian for her grandbabies.

She knew that was never going to happen if she was dating [an accused] child r*pist, so she dumped him!

So that’s the end of their relationship, right? Maybe not!

They want to circle back to this relationship after he is cleared of charges, but until that happens, they are going to keep their distance from each other and deny that they ever dated in the first place.

BG Note: DCSF = Department of Children and Family Services (in the U.S.) or an old term for Department for Children, Schools and Families (in the U.K.).

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