I guess its fitting that this is being written in the same month as Halloween.

The thing is, it is right up there with any of the scenes you would see in a slasher movie.

Apparently there are a handful of people who know this story, which is way more than you would expect with something of this significance.

It happened about a decade ago on a film set outside the country.

It involves a then A+ list mostly movie actor who was married at the time. Back then he was a quiet cheater and kept his indiscretions outside the country which is why he probably shot so many movies outside the US.

Later he would change his strategy when it came to cheating and it backfired in a big way.

Anyway, our actor was hooking up with a local woman.

He was experimenting with drugs which he still does now.

Usually he goes for more of the hallucinogenic variety rather than coke.

Combined with the steroids and HGh he takes, he can be this rage machine that thinks he is seeing things.

Since there were only two people in the room when it happened, no one knows for sure what led to it, but a woman was killed.

The same woman he had been hooking up with.

She had a broken neck and burns on her body.

At the time it happened there was a massive hurricane in the area and no power.

Production on the movie had been shut down because of the wind and rain.

Our actor was staying in a house he was renting.

One of the crew was called to the house by an assistant director and told to bring a tarp and some heavy duty tape.

He went over to the house and the assistant director met him at the door holding a lantern.

The crew member saw what he thought was a mannequin’s body lying on the floor.

He thought it was a mannequin because he didn’t think it was possible for a human to be in that position.

Probably why she was dead.

He handed over the tarp and tape and then left.

Another crew member said that he was asked the same night if there was some kind of bulldozer available.

He said yes, and when he was asked what it was needed for, he was told they just wanted to see if one was available in case there was extensive storm damage.

When that crew member showed up at the holding area where the production kept all vehicles and equipment two days later, the lock to the gate was broken but nothing was missing.

The bulldozer however was in a completely different spot and was covered in mud.

What is bringing all of this together now is that the assistant director who was making all the calls is not receiving money from the actor any longer and has been talking to other people about selling the information he has about the woman and what happened.

Brad Pitt – then married to Jennifer Aniston
“Troy” in 2004
Hurricane Marty – Playa El Faro Viejo

Do you believe it?

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