One in a swimsuit. One in clothes and one is their mugshot.

A few months ago I had a blind item about this celebrity who was completely broke and earned her living having sex with guys.

The celebrity is infamous rather than famous.

When she recently popped up in the news again after a little absence and said again how broke she is, someone was offended and sent me a link to a password protected website.

On the website are six women and two guys. When you click one of the people you are taken to a page. One page.

On the page are three photos of each person.

One in a swimsuit. One in clothes and one is their mugshot.

Also included is a description of their particular crimes and any sentences they served.

Four of the women on the site are American. All were accused of murdering someone.

What they share in common is they are all young, fairly attractive and are willing to sleep with a man if the price is right.

Apparently there are men and women in the world who think it is a big thrill to have sex with someone who has killed.

The prices for the two men for one night were $2500 and their calendars were about a quarter full.

Both men are bisexual.

The price per night of the women ranged from $5000 a night to $25000 a night and all of their calendars were nearly full for the next couple of months.

Out of the four American women, two definitely had A list name recognition at the time of their trials.

Probably both are still right at that A list name recognition.

The other two American women I needed to Google but they were pretty sensational cases.

Amanda Knox – her I am broke story
Casey Anthony


Do you believe it?

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